Medical Wet Wipes Used In The Disinfection Method Of The Laryngoscope 2

Recycle in the supply room, soak in the multi-enzyme washing solution for 3 to 5 minutes; rinse with tap water, medical wipes and then wipe with a clean cloth; check the cleaning quality, make the disposable paper-plastic packaging bag pass through the closed packaging; put the plasma Sterilization is placed in the fungus, sterilized 50% hydrogen peroxide sterilant 4mL, temperature 48 °C, standard mode pressure 39.5 ~ 39.8Pa, the disinfection indicator card shows that the sterilization requirements are met.

After disinfection, it should be stored in the laryngoscope storage box in the anesthesia preparation room and each operating room for quantitative use. Before using the laryngoscope, wipe the lens handle with a disinfectant wiper, and connect the lens after plasma sterilization.

Bacterial culture sampling method Regularly sample the bacterial culture of the anesthesia laryngoscope, medical wipes and archive the results for reference. Randomly take samples of throat lenses at random, 30 samples of group A and group B respectively; group A laryngoscope lenses are immersed in glutaraldehyde and sterilized with sterile distilled water for routine sampling; group B conventional laryngoscopes after low-temperature plasma sterilization Take a sample and check together. Bacterial culture samples were taken on the handle of the laryngoscope, namely 86 samples in group A and group B.