Make Bacterial Suspension To Test The Disinfection Effect Of Wet Wipes

Disinfecting wet wipes have been widely used in daily life, but most disinfecting wet wipes have a single effect. Medical wet wipes are easy to color, change in quality, mildew, short storage time and unstable use. For this reason, we observed the stability and microbial sterilization effect of the compound chlorine fixed wipes containing mallow, gorse and aloe plants in the laboratory and on-site.

Wash the Staphylococcus aureus fungus detection bacteria with peptone 456 acid buffer solution, and then dilute it with 708 to the bacterial content. The medical wet wipes are respectively subjected to the neutralizer selection test according to the specified bacterial suspension concentration, and the bacteria are used for gold detection. Staphylococcus aureus stained bacteria sample/#46708菌片/#46 neutralizer; photo #46 neutralizer; sample #46 neutralizer stains the same batch of photo 46708 708 times.

The temperature carrier quantitative sterilization test takes the sample sample and the homogeneous material of the sample, the same size but does not contain antibacterial materials, medical wet wipes and sterilizes in each sterilization board. Take out the prepared bacterial suspension, evenly spread and control the sample on each sample, start timing, apply to the predetermined time, and use sterile tweezers to separate the sample into #46 to select a good neutralizer test tube.

Neutralize 4AB, mix well, dilute appropriately, take out the liquid or one of the diluents, and take 46% respectively. Medical wipes draw and prepare the prepared bacterial suspension. After drying, use 4AB for disinfection. The medical wet wipes are sampled and sampled in horizontal and vertical roundtrip 46. Choose a neutralizer in the test tube, mix the neutralizing effect AB thoroughly, and dilute it appropriately. Take one of liquid or diluent, and take 46% for viable bacteria culture and count. Place the bacteria in the second one and calculate the kill rate.