Guanidine Disinfectant Made Into Medical Wipes 1

Preparation of bacterial suspension Take fresh cultures of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli + E, and dilute medical wipes with peptone-containing phosphate buffer to prepare a test bacterial suspension, and count the live bacteria of the bacterial suspension to correct the bacterial content to 24B .

Soak the sterilized non-woven fabric in dioxin compound disinfection, take out the medical wet wipes and dry them in the incubator. Under aseptic conditions, use a puncher to make a disc with a diameter of 20 and a thickness of about 0.2, and place it flat in a clean sterile plate for later use. Soak the non-woven fabric with sterile distilled water as a negative control sample. 

Dip the test bacteria suspension with sterile cotton swabs for making the stained plates, and apply them evenly on the surface of the nutrient agar medium plate, so that the inoculated bacteria are evenly distributed on the surface of the medium. The medical wet wipes are placed at room temperature to dry the bacteriostatic sample. Put the test sample on the surface of the stained plate, and place one stained plate for each test.

Hocleans SA-003 100pcs per canister