Do You Know The Benefits Of Disinfectant Wipes For Instruments 3

Extend the application life of the machine, making it easier and more convenient to use. It can be directly applied, and medical wet wipes can improve the effectiveness of medical staff, and increase the workload of medical staff to a certain extent.

Since it is a disposable item, it cuts down on repeated soaking of disinfectant. Purification and interspersed purification can reduce environmental purification and avoid harm to medical staff.

The research found that the disinfection implementation rate and satisfaction of medical staff in the observation group were significantly higher than those in the control group. Therefore, medical wipes are an ideal way to stop disinfection of the outside of the hemodialysis machine.

It not only has reliable disinfection results, but also has good disinfection results, and the operation is simple and convenient. Medical wet wipes can improve the effectiveness of medical staff, improve the disinfection rate of medical staff, and improve medical services. Staff satisfaction, reducing environmental purification, have a certain impact on the control of contamination in the hemodialysis room.