Comparison Of The Effect Of Gamma Medical Wipes And Chlorine Containing Wipes

Chlorine-containing disinfectant is easily inactivated when encountering organic matter, and factors such as pH, temperature, concentration, water hardness, and light all affect its disinfection effect. Therefore, the sterilization rate and the qualified rate of sterilization of gamma medical wipes are higher than that of chlorine-containing disinfectant. In China, most of the chlorine-containing disinfectants are deployed by cleaning staff. The overall level of cleaning staff is low, and the training is not in place, resulting in inaccurate disinfection concentration, and it is difficult to maintain one person, one towel, one disinfection problem, which makes it difficult to maintain the disinfection effect.

In addition, the results of this study also show that the sterilization rate of gamma medical wipes is still >90% at 6 hours after disinfection, the disinfection effect is accurate, and it meets the standard of effective disinfection of bacteria. Therefore, gamma medical wipes are used in ICU objects For surface disinfection, it is recommended to wipe and disinfect once every 6h.

Gamma medical wet wipes are disposable medical supplies. They are treated as medical waste after each use. They do not need to be cleaned and disinfected and reused. This reduces the cumbersome procedures of cleaning, disinfecting and drying after towel wiping and disinfection. The operation is convenient and the working time is short. , Requires less manpower. Moreover, the use of gamma medical wipes does not require the purchase of towels, test papers, and disinfectants, thereby saving disinfection costs.

As a result, the average cost of each disinfection of gamma medical wipes is lower than that of chlorine-containing disinfectants. At the same time, it also saves the workload and water consumption of disinfection personnel. Surface disinfection of ICU objects is an important way to prevent nosocomial infections. The relevant hospitals should choose appropriate disinfection methods for disinfection to achieve the goal of effective control of nosocomial infections. Gamma medical wet wipes are used for surface disinfection of ICU objects, with good disinfection effect, low cost, and suitable for clinical use.

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