Classification And Preservation Of Wet Wipes 2

From the user group, it can be divided into medical wet wipes and commonly used wet wipes. Medical wipes are more demanding, and fragrances, irritants and fluorescent agents cannot be added. The original liquid used in the wipes is not all syrup, but pure water and disinfectant. The content of disinfectant should be scientifically matched. Wipes are a good choice for cleaning hands and face after meals or without water and soap.

Solutions for basic care products for personal care products are generally divided into 3 categories. The first two types are mainly used for cleaning, because this emulsion-based product usually does not contain surfactants, which can not only clean the skin, but also achieve real skin care effects. The factors that affect the performance of medical wet wipes preservatives are: liquid solvent, non-woven fabric type and liquid filling rate: non-woven fabric carrier, distribution of liquid solvent on non-woven fabric, anti-corrosion activity and raw material quality; adhesion of preservative and textile fiber Adhesion and emulsification phase; separation of textile fibers, the effect of textile fibers on pH, and the dissolution of textile fibers in wet wipes.

Use of preservatives The antiseptic active ingredients of other personal care products are also used to protect wipes. The use of high-concentration mixtures of various active ingredients has become a clear trend. Most manufacturers use high concentrations of antiseptic compounds or mixtures containing multiple active ingredients for long-term storage of medical wipes