120pcs lanolin baby wipes

Amazon.co.uk | Moist Wipes- 120pcs lanolin baby wipes ,120pcs Portable Disinfection Wipes Moist Wipes with 75% Alcohol for Deep Cleaning Hands, Tables, Chairs, Toys, doorknobs and Toilet mats seat,Best for Public Places (60pcs x 2) NOBRAND 4PCS Dust Masks,Fashion Anti Dust Mask Mouth Mask Reusable ...Do Baby Wipes Help with Acne? | Hello MotherhoodLanolin, a derivative of wool that some baby wipes contain, can contribute unwanted oil to your skin if you already tend to have an oily complexion. If you're concerned that lanolin is comedogenic, look for a baby wipe with water-based additives such as aloe vera.