non-woven bathroom wet wipes

Non woven Wipes - Source Nonwoven- non-woven bathroom wet wipes ,For the globe demand of wipes: wet wipes is about 70% and dry wipes is 30%.Because personal care wipes used more for other functional wipes. But the dry wipes is now also growing very quick, as you can use the non woven dry wipes in these industries: Foodservice, Building care, Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive and Aerospace etc.Hangzhou Non wovens LimitedHangzhou Non wovens Limited is the specialized factory for producing all kinds of Spunlace Nonwoven and the nonwoven wipes products. The enterprise management scope and the main business include: non-woven cloth product,spunlace nonwoven fabric,chemical-bonded nonwoven fabric,wet wipes and nonwoven cleaning wipes.